Date: 15 August 2019

Loan No. and Title: Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project 50091-002

Contract No. and Title: IC-08/02 Construction supervision civil engineer (appr. 28 months)

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) is implementing a loan project L3594-MON: Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project, which is financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The Project has the following outputs: (i) Gap in enrollment capacity of schools and kindergartens narrowed; (ii) Unfinished curriculum reform and associated assessment system reforms completed; (iii) Teaching and learning materials that accompany the new curriculum provided; (iv) Teachers and managers’ knowledge and skills upgraded for the new curriculum and assessments; and (v) Systems for planning and managing education services strengthened. Expected outcome of project is sustained access to and quality of pre-primary, primary, and secondary education sustained during economic difficulties.

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The MECSS is now accepting application for the vacancy of Construction supervision civil engineer (appr. 28 months)

  • Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
  • Scope of Work
  • Required Qualifications, Skills and Expertise
  • Application Submission Procedure

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports (MECSS) is implementing the Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project financed by Asian Development Bank (ADB). The main objective of the construction supervision is to supervise the schools and kindergartens buildings to be built under the project with energy efficient and high quality that meets requirements of Building Law, building codes and standards, design drawings and technical specifications. In this regards MECSS will select 2 national construction supervision civil engineers to work for 28 person-months.


The construction supervision civil engineers will conduct construction supervision on designated construction/expansion sites to meet requirements of design drawings, technical specifications; building codes and standards; and contribute to timely completion of constructions meeting contract completion deadline. MECSS, PIU might assign construction supervision engineers to supervise any new site depending on the project requirement. 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Outputs

The specialists will:

  • Develop detailed construction supervision plan.
  • Assist MECSS, PIU to obtain all necessary permits for design and construction works
  • Obtain and extend utility connection permits as needed and supervise the works on his/her designated construction site on a daily basis, while the contractor is working.
  • Consult with the MECSS, PIU engineer to ensure that technical support is received in a timely manner
  • Inspect all works to ensure conformity of the implemented works with the approved design requirements and solutions and compliance with the drawings, technical specifications, and other documents comprising the contract and identifying any deviations from the original design and building codes and standards. Brief descriptions of the deviations with photo images and their locations should be sent online to contractor, MECSS, PIU civil engineer and design consultants.
  • Check all drawings and contract documents to ensure that any mistakes or ambiguities are rectified before works commence.
  • Approve materials, equipment, and workmanship to ensure that the contract is executed in accordance with the requirements of the contract and sign as confirmation.
  • Liaise between the MECSS, PIU and contractor and prepare and submit monthly progress reports for submission to the financing agencies. The format and content of these reports shall be agreed on with the agencies (MECSS).
  • Monitor and check the day-to-day quality control and quantity measurements of the works carried out under the contract.
  • Check all quantity measurements and calculations required for payment purposes and ensure that all measurements and calculations are carried out in a manner and at the frequencies as required by the contract.
  • Check and countersign the milestone payment certificates after having established that the quality of the works is satisfactory and the quantities are correct and prepare for signature.
  • At no cost to the MECSS, PIU, update the original designs or propose new solutions as necessary to reflect changed conditions on the field in consultation with designers.
  • Interpret and apply the requirements of the contract and advise the PIU on all matters relating to claims from the contractors, in particular, with respect to claims for time extensions or extra payments and making recommendations thereon, including the possible recourses.
  • Prepare detailed recommendations for contract variations for the review and approval by the MECSS, PIU.
  • Maintain a day-by-day contract diary which shall record all events (including environmental and social) pertaining to the administration of the contract, request forms, and orders given to the contractors, and any other information which may at a later date be of assistance in resolving queries which may arise concerning execution of the works.
  • Supervise the contractor in all matters concerning safety and care of the works and workers (including the erection of temporary signs at road works) and, if required, to instruct the contractor to provide any necessary lights, guards, fencing, and watchmen in accordance with the requirements of the contracts.
  • Review, approve, and monitor the contractor's work program and the sources of materials.
  • Review, approve, and monitor the implementation of the contractors' environmental management plan (EMP), and ensuring that the contractor complies with its reporting requirements.
  • Explain and/or recommend the MECSS, PIU to resolve (adjust) ambiguities, discrepancies or disputes arising from the contracts.
  • Inspect and test materials and works done by the contractor to ensure compliance with the contract specifications, and/or instruct the contractor to remove and substitute the improper materials and/or works as required to meet contract specifications.
  • Ensure implementation of particular requirements from inspection organizations, such as the Specialized Inspection Department and Emergency Management Department of Ulaanbaatar/aimag, etc.

The applicant must possess and demonstrate the following qualifications:

  • At least a bachelor degree in civil/ construction engineering;
  • Being consulting engineer will be an advantage;
  • Attending a training in building energy saving and concrete technology will be advantage;
  • More than 5 years of experience in construction supervision of similar projects. Similar project means school, kindergarten, cultural center, more than 3-storey office or residential building.
  • Experience working as construction engineer in at least a project funded by IFIs is desired;
  • Should be capable to supervise structural, insulation and finishing works and have knowledge in building energy saving and concrete technology;
  • Proficient in CAD or Revit technology and 3-dimensional conceptual skills.
  • Capable to solve technical problems efficiently;

·         Strong communication skills;

  • Ability to work effectively with teams;

Interested applicants should submit an application consisting of the following documents, prepared in English and Mongolian languages through ADB’s Consultant Management System (CMS) at link:

  • Cover letter (maximum two pages) explaining the reasons for applying for the position, describing how the candidate’s qualification, skills and work experiences meet the selection criteria;
  • Curriculum vitae through template of government officials;
  • A reference letter from a previous employer;
  • Copies of all diplomas and certificates;
  • Other supporting documents (such as information on   previously conducted similar works, proof of English language proficiency etc.).

All documents should be submitted through ADB’s Consultant Management System (CMS) at link on or before 29 August 2019. Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted and asked to (i) have a job interview with the MECSS’ consultant selection committee; and (ii) provide proof of work experience and original copies diplomas and certificates at the interview.  

Contact Information:

Attn: Ms J.Battuya  Procurement specialist  

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports of Mongolia, Sustaining Access to and Quality of Education During Economic Difficulties Project

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